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  • The customer hereby declares to be a merchant and wishes to obtain the present publicity for the purpose of promoting his own business.
  • The responsibility of National Graphics is limited only to the value of this contract; should this contract be cancelled and / or declared null and void, the merchant can only demand, by right of damage-interest, the amount indicated on the present contract.
  • This present contract, once the merchant presses the Submit button, constitutes the entire agreement between both parties and is binding to both. Should the contract be terminated with the broker, and, National Graphics being faultless, proofs regarding their ad will not be submitted to the merchant, however all monies will be refunded.
  • The final product will be printed and delivered in approximately 12 to 16 weeks after completion of the sales period of this media.
  • The advertiser will incur an extra charge of $25.00 for administrative fees for any cheque returned by a financial institutions.
  • Exclusivity and / or location of the ad will only be honored by National Graphics if specifically indicated in writing on this signed contract by a National Graphicsrepresentative. Verbal agreements or conditions not included in writing, will not be recognized or accepted by National Graphics.
  • Should National Graphics not receive a signed copy o the media proof, National Graphics will publish the advertisement as is and assumes no liability for any errors or omissions, not so noted.

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